Often due to Drinking Alcohol Before Bed

Hope the burden of thinking and feeling tired lost, some people choose alcohol as an escape. Alcohol in the evening also considered to accelerate the arrival of sleepiness. In fact, the effects of alcohol consumption before bed it will decrease the quality of sleep so that when you wake up the body is not even [...]

Rain Shower Really Can Cause Pain?

We must still remember the advice of parents since childhood that says do not bathe in the rain that does not hurt. Of little moment we assume the ban sucks because rain shower is fun. Prohibition for a rain shower had actually been scientifically proven. Wet and cold conditions how else can make us vulnerable [...]

How to Speed Up Metabolism

One of the factors that make weight loss difficult down the body’s metabolism is different in each individual. If metabolism is running slow, then burning calories carried in the body of course is also very slow. Conversely, if your body burning quickly, of course, the sooner you reach your desired goal. However, for those of [...]

5 Diseases Frequently Asked When Rainy Season

Rainy season we must be cautious with the emergence of some diseases that often arise. Season cold rain, floods, rain, and a variety of factors can lead to the emergence of various diseases. Here are some diseases that may often arise when the rainy season 1. Cough Colds and influenza Not a few are affected [...]

Prickly Sweat In Children

One of the most common skin problems experienced by children is prickly heat. Almost all children have experienced especially during the dry season. Although seemingly trivial, but the prickly heat is one of the skin disorders in children are quite disturbing. Child becomes uncomfortable and often also an infection due to scratching the affected area [...]